Upgrade Your Xiaomi Device to Latest MIUI 8 !



Hello peeps


So, This  method will work on any xiaomi device

NOTE: This method will work Redmi Note 3 SD too (No need for a Unlocked bootloader) 

Update: Lot of You guys are asking if You can flash it on Stable Rom

The answer is Yes 🙂 .You can flash it on stable Rom too 🙂

So lets get straight into it

SO first of all download Miui 8 For your Device

[No advertisement in downloading, Direct download link Because you guys are awesome 🙂 ]

MIUI 8 For Redmi Note 3 (Qualcomm Snapdragon)

MIUI8 for Redmi1s

MIUI 8 for Redmi2

MIUI8 for Redmi2 prime

MIUI8 for Mi3/Mi4

MIUI 8 for Mi4i

MIUI 8 for Redmi note 3g

MIUI 8 for Redmi note 4G

For more devices go here

NOTE: I am not responsible for any damage cased 🙂

I will surely suggest you to take a backup as all data will be erased

*********************For taking backup follow this*********************




  1. Under the settings menu, navigate to backup and reset.
  2. Under Backup, you may find an option for Local Backup which you may select further.
  3. Now, hit the backup button at the bottom of the screen. Just an FYI, this might a take a while. You are also given an option to encrypt your backup with a password to play safe.
  4. When its done, your backup is ready and you can restore this data on only MIUI running smartphone. Please note, this is a MIUI rom feature and is not limited only to Mi handsets.
  5. The backup data is available at Internal Storage at location under /sdcard/MIUI/backup/AllData/ directory.
  6. To restore data, navigate to the same backup and reset menu and select the backup data sorted by date.
  7. Choose items to restore and hit the restore button at the bottom. This again, will take a while and once done your phone shall be ready with personalized data and settings sitting there.



Step 1 – Download above ROM for your device .  Make sure you put the file in the root directory of your phone’s internal storage which is not inside any folder.

Step 2 – Now open up Updater app in your phone. The app is usually located in the Tools folder.

MIUI 8 Updater App

Step 4 – Tap on the three dots (…) at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Three Dots Updater App

Step 5 – Several options will appear. Next, tap on “Choose Update Package“.

Choose Update Package MIUI 8

Step 6 – Now locate the MIUI Recovery ROM .zip file you have downloaded before. Choose that file and then tap on the OK button to start flashing.

SD Final

Step 7 – Mi Updater app will firstly verify the ROM package and then proceed with the flashing process. Once done, your phone should reboot automatically.

This process can take -15 minutes so don’t get panic

Once the process s completed your device will get booted into MIUI 8

Complete the setup and you are good to go……………….   🙂

Some MIUI 8 photos for you!




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