Uber Account Disabled – How To Activate

Alright, so I was just managing my Uber account today and something weird happened. I saw a pop-up that said, “You got your Uber Account Disabled“.  I did not know what to do since I had no experience like this in my life. As far as I remember, I did no such thing that can be termed under “Violation of the terms and conditions” or anything like that. Since I had an urgent meeting and I needed to take off from my home using a cab, I had to get my Uber account activated somehow. So, I researched a lot on the internet regarding this issue and now I guess I hopefully know “Why my Uber Account was Disabled” and “How to reactivate my Uber account“.

As I read in various forums and articles on the internet, there were a few reasons that I found out. First one is, that you have used two Uber accounts on the same device, and one of them is under the referral of another one.  The second reason can be that you have updated the payment record using a credit card that is no longer valid. Another reason is that you got off an Uber ride without paying the fare. And that’s just a quick summary of the topic. For your information, I will try to cover all the topics regarding Uber Account Disabled and will show you how you can reactivate and get your account back.

Are you ready to dive deep into the topic? Let’s Go!


As we all know, Uber is quite famous in the world for their ride services. Uber is an American digital transportation service that provides rides and renting service to its users. In addition to transportation, Uber has also pivoted towards food and renting business. The brand was formerly known as UberCabs and was later changed to just Uber. Uber is also the parent brand to its various subsidiaries like UberEats.

uber account disabled

Uber has created a platform for drivers to earn money and for the users to enjoy their ride services. Almost anyone can now sign up for a Uber Driver account and begin earning. However, there are some rules and regulations that must be followed. Lack of which will cause the Uber Driver account to get disabled. These rules are not only limited to the drivers. Customer also has some terms and conditions that must be fulfilled to efficiently enjoy the services that they offer. But, sometimes, due to lack of knowledge, people get their Uber Account Disabled. It is either for a limited period of time or forever.

If you are one of those and have got your Uber Account disabled, then don’t you worry. In the next section, I will try to cover almost all aspects of a disabled Uber account.

Uber Account Disabled

It does not matter if you are a new customer that it discovering the services or an old one that is a frequent user, your Uber account can get disabled at any point of time. This happens usually because of some violation in terms and conditions of the Uber services. In this section, I will demonstrate everything from “What is Account Disable” to “How to Prevent Uber Account Disabled”. Stay tuned and read ahead.

Types Of Account Termination

There are various steps that Uber takes against term breakers. The major three are listed below. I have tried to explain each of them in great depth for your better understanding.

  1. Account Deactivation – If you got your Uber account deactivated, then you have your account but you cannot use Uber services until you contact the customer support. Deactivating is like boycotting you from Uber services for a short period of time.
  2. Account Deletion – If you got your account deleted, then you can not get access to your account again. Because the records of your account have now been removed from the Uber database. All you can do now is create a new account and start again.

Why Does Uber Disables Account?  

uber account disabled

Uber generally disabled accounts of those people who do not follow the terms and conditions as provided on the official website and application. The accounts of both drivers and riders can get disabled. However, the reasons for both of them may or may not be different. Uber does this so as to ensure the proper continuation and fair use of their services. Anyone caught violating the rules shall get their account disabled or probably deleted.

When Does An Uber Account Gets Disabled?

There are a variety of reasons for Uber to disabled your account. Uber deactivates your account in case of small violation and permanently deletes it if anything major happens. I researched on the official website’s terms and conditions and found the following reasons that can get your Uber Account disabled. Make sure that the terms are different for both riders and drivers.

For Riders

The below-mentioned reasons are the factors that can get your Uber Account disabled or permanently deleted.

  1. Fake Referrals – The number one cause of an account disabling is users trying to produce fake referrals to earn money. This includes registering an application with the referral ID of another on the same IP address, having multiple accounts on the same device – one of them is under the referral of another account. Uber has a strict algorithm for those who try to cheat using the refer and earn method.
  2. Fake Payment Details – Uber also disables your account if you try to fake the payment using any credit card number that does not exist or is invalid. Using such tricks, again and again, can cause Uber to disable your account. Your account can get permanently deleted if you continue such tasks after disabling.
  3. Using Multiple Phone Numbers – Uber has a strict policy regarding anyone who tries to register with a fake number. To overcome this problem, Uber does not let anyone pay with a Paytm account number that is different from the one registered with the Uber account. This trick was used by “Refer and Earn” Looters to direct money from fake uber accounts to their real Paytm account.
  4. Refusing to complete Payment – The next and probably the biggest reason to get your Uber account disabled is to get off the ride and not complete the payment.

For Drivers

Uber has made it clear in their terms and conditions that a driver account can also be deactivated if the person does not follow the rules properly. Here is the list of the things that could get an Uber driver account disabled in minutes. I have provided a detailed description of each cause for your better understanding.

  1. Low Ratings – The first cause for an Uber driver account deactivation is lack of positive ratings of a driver. The negative ratings usually show a driver’s behavior towards their riders. If the driver has more negative ratings, he/she can get their Uber account disabled.
  2. Law Breakings – The account of an Uber driver can be discontinued if he/she does not follow the traffic and state laws regularly. A few times is acceptable but anything more than that will get your account disabled. So, make sure to follow the traffic guidelines properly. The main aspects of lawbreaking are:
    • Follow your local traffic laws
    • Buckle up/
    • Don’t text and drive
    • Leave guns at home
    • Don’t exceed the speed limit
    • Use a phone or GPS mount if you need one for navigation
    • Don’t drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  3. Background Checks – Uber takes a regular background check of every driver for past criminal records or information. If the driver fails to do so, Uber can disable their account as mentioned in their guidelines.
  4. Canceling Multiple Rides – You can get your Uber account disabled if you cancel a large number of rides which are more than the number acceptable. So, make sure to accept most of the rides as they will help you in keeping your account in your hands.
  5. Idle Account – Uber does not want drivers who consider Uber as their part-time income. Uber can disable your driver account if you let your account remain idle for a prolonged period of time. Remaining Idle means not accepting any rides or not taking the job seriously.
  6. Planned Trips – Planned trips are the one in which Uber driver and the rider plan their order before using the Uber service. If Uber catches drivers accepting Pre-planned trips, they can disable both the user’s and driver’s account.

How To Activate A Disabled Uber Account?

If you already got your account disabled, then you don’t have to worry. Here, in this particular section, I will cover everything related to activating disabled uber account. I will demonstrate the process for both riders and drivers. In the next section, I will provide you some tips that can prevent you from getting your Uber account disabled again.

If you are a frequent user and have got your Uber account disabled somehow, then this one if for you. Below, we have provided some of the best methods that can come in handy to reactivate a disabled Uber account for free. Some of them can be used right away, while some require waiting for a certain period of time before proceeding. Whatever, scroll down to see the methods on “How do I reactivate my Uber account”.

Solution 1 – Registering Via Another Mobile

The first solution is very easy. To execute the task, you just have to sign up on Uber with a secondary phone number. After the verification of the first mobile number, you have to change the number to your disabled one. Follow the below-given steps to activate your disabled Uber account.

  1. Sign up to Uber using a secondary Phone number and an Email ID by visiting the link below.
  2. Now, download the Uber App from your play store platform.
  3. Log In to the new Uber account using the secondary phone number.
  4. Verify the account using the OTP, and then tap on forget password option.
  5. The password reset link will be sent to your Email ID. Change the password so as to match with your original account.
  6. Now, open the app, tap on the Three Horizontal Bar menu located on the top left section of the screen.
    uber account disabled
  7. Tap on Settings and select the profile thumbnail on the top.
    uber account disabled
  8. Tap on the mobile number and change the number to your disabled one.
    uber account disabled
  9. Verify the newly added number with OTP.
    uber account disabled
  10. Your account is now activated.

Solution 2 – Using “Can’t Sign In”

Another solution you can try is by accessing your disabled Uber account by using the “Can’t Sign In to my account” option. This one is a working method and can be tried by anyone with a disabled account.

  1. Uninstall the Uber app and reinstall it using the below links.
  2. Now, open the freshly installed Uber app.
    uber account disabled
  3. Enter your disabled mobile number and get a verification SMS. [This verification is important] uber account disabled
  4. Enter the verification code. Entering it will activate your Uber account. Now, you have to create a new password.
    uber account disabled
  5. Try to Log in with your phone number and instead of entering the password, select “Can’t Sign In” option.
    uber account disabled
  6. Select your problem. I prefer “I can’t sign in to my account”.
    uber account disabled
  7. Enter all your personal details so that Uber can confirm that it is you who is asking for a password reset. Make sure to enter correct details or you won’t be able to change your password.
    uber account disabled
  8. Verify that you are not a robot and then tap on Submit.
    uber account disabled
  9. You will get a verification code on your Email ID registered with the account. Click on the link to verify it is you and then change the password. The link is valid only for 24 hours.

Solution 3 – Waiting For Some Time

Many users have posted in multiple forums that leaving their account idle for some time can lead to activation of their disabled Uber account. I would like to recommend that you must leave your account idle for about 2 months and then try to sign up again with the same number. It is so because Uber deletes accounts that remain idle for too long. It will probably delete your account and when you ask for a new sign up two months later, it will add a New user record with your number.

Solution 4 – Contacting Support

If the above-provided steps fail, the next thing that you can do is contact the Uber support. You can email them at the email ID provided below. Make sure to describe your problem to the support team as they can help you in getting your disabled Uber account back


Solution 5 – Creating A New Account

If you can not gain access to your disabled Uber account ever again, then all I can suggest is to create a new account with another mobile number. Aforementioned solutions have a large chance of working, but if they do not, you will have to create a new account in order to enjoy Uber services.

How Do I Prevent My Uber Account From Getting Disabled?

Uber has a very strict policy when it comes to banning accounts that do not follow their guidelines. You and I cannot change their policies but all we can do is abide by the rules. I have compiled major points from the Uber guidelines that reduce your chance of hitting a violation and getting your Uber account disabled. Read the point below to remain on the safe side of the bridge.

For Riders

  1. Having Multiple Accounts – The number one step that you can take is to prevent signing in to multiple accounts on the same device. You can use any other device on your IP address to access the other account. Having multiple accounts makes Uber disable your account on a violation of Fair Use policy.
  2. Using Same Mobile Number – Never ever use the same mobile number on different accounts. Uber will keep no second thoughts while disabling your account. The worst-case scenario is the deletion of both your accounts.
  3. Keep The Same Paytm And Account Number – As mentioned above, users use to trick Uber by creating fake referral accounts and direct money to their original Paytm account. Uber solved this issue by advising users to use same Paytm account as the number registered in their Uber account.
  4. Expired Payment Details – If you use credit card details that are going to expire or are already expired, Uber can disable your account for violation. Use payment details that are valid as they will ensure that your account remains safe.
  5. Not Paying For The Ride – Always and always pay for your rides. If you do not, the Uber driver can file a complaint against you that can lead to the deletion of your account.

For Drivers

  1. Behave Well – If you behave well with your riders, you will get more positive ratings from them which in turn, will keep your account safe.
  2. Prevent Negative Ratings – Your account can get disabled or even deleted if you have a whole dump of negative ratings racing in your account. This will qualify you as a bad driver and can even lead to your termination.
  3. Follow Traffic Rules – Uber keeps a check of your records and breakings. Follow the traffic guidelines to prevent this from happening.
  4. Do Regular Background Check – Uber does a regular background check of their drivers for past criminal records. Make sure you actively participate in the checks because your absence puts your account in danger.

Final Words

So, that was our take on How to reactivate Uber account disabled. Check out all of these methods and notify me of their working. I have checked all of the methods and they work beautifully at the time of writing. Feel free to comment on any problem regarding Uber account disabled. If you have any query, write to me using the comment section, I would love to answer your queries. Send me any other working solution to reactivate a disabled Uber account. If you are stuck anywhere in the whole guide, I would be delighted to help you out personally.

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