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“Myth” it’s a thing which is present in nearly every single thing. People have been believing in Myths from quite a long time and people including you and me should be believing in some myths, to be honest.

But as you are on Tech Insane, we will be talking about some myths which are believed by many Peoples but in reality, they are not actually true. So here we start our List of Top 5 Tech Myths that you should stop believing today,

1. Rooting/Jailbreaking is Illegal


We heard a lot of People talking about this and chances are you should have seen such Peoples as well. We are talking about those Peoples who say or believes that Rooting your Android or Jailbreaking your iPhone is Illegal. Well, it’s not truth, Rooting or Jailbreaking is not Illegal, it’s just that if you use Jailbreaking for downloading some copyrighted content, then that is Illegal. Rooting and Jailbreaking is perfectly Legal.

2. Leaving Charging Overnight affects Battery


There are some People who believe that leaving your Smartphone to charge Overnight harms your Smartphone, some even say that if you leave your Smartphone Charging Overnight it may Explode. that’s complete Non-Sense. Leaving your Smartphone to Charge Overnight is perfectly fine and does not really affects your Smartphone’s Battery. These days your Smartphone is quite smart it automatically stops taking charge once the Smartphone is fully Charged.

Some People believe that it is necessary to discharge your Phone to 0% once in a while. this is also a myth as it is not “Necessary” but may be beneficial in some way.

3. More Megapixels means Better Camera

Woman photographing a butterfly wit a smart phone

If you believe this then dude you are gonna have it from me this time. It’s funny how there are a lot of Peoples who believes in this myth that More Megapixels means Better Camera. it’s funny how people always ask how many megapixel Cameras do you have on your Smartphone and judge it by that. If you believe this compare your Smartphone with Samsung galaxy S8’s 12 mp or iPhone’s 8 mp camera. What you see, even though your Smartphone may have more megapixels but still the Quality of Image would be far better than those of iPhone or S8.

The quality of Camera depends on many factors like Lenses, Sensors and much more. there are a lot of things involved like focus, an aperture which predicts the quality of the camera. You might be wondering then why even the term Megapixel is there. Well, it is there for a reason More Megapixel does not mean better camera but what it helps in is Image Cropping and Printing the Image.

4. Torrent is Illegal


Torrent is NOT Illegal. You might not believe this but the reality is that it is a myth that Torrents are illegal, it’s legal. You might wonder if it’s legal then why it is being blocked in your Country by Government Authority. torrent is a peer to peer file sharing network and is not illegal.

What’s not legal is to download Copyright stuff like TV Shows, Movies, Cracked Software etc. As long you are not downloading a Copyright Stuff, then Torrent is completely Legal.

5. More Network Bars means Better Service


This is a very common misconception that a lot of People have. the number of bars on your Smartphone is not an indicator of Quality of Service. It indicates the signals of the tower you are connected to. However, if a lot of devices are connected to a single tower at a time then there might be some disruptions like call drops. It doesn’t matter how many bars you have on your Phone and it will never affect the Quality of Service. it will affect though if there are no bars. (If that makes any Sense).

So that was some of the Myth that was many People were having. hope this clears all of your Myths. If you know any myth that is not listed on our list, let us know in the Comments below.

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