Top 7 Keyboard Shortcuts that You Should Know About


Keyboard Shortcuts are a great way to make things Easier. You need not touch your Mouse or trackpad and you can do the things directly through keyboards’ Key Combinations which helps you save a lot of time.

You might already know some Keyboard Shortcuts like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Z etc. We are not focusing on those basic Keyboard Shortcuts in this Post, we are talking about Some of the Best Keyboard Shortcuts that you Should probably know about that’s why the title of the Post says Top 7 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know. So without any further delay, let’s get to it.

1. Snap Windows Easily


A lot of time it happens we need to do two things simultaneously, say you are watching a video and need to note something in the Notepad at the Same time, or maybe you are Video Calling over Skype and Needs to Note Something, whether it be anything. You might know that you can Snap Windows simply by dragging the Application to the Top Right/Left.

But we can even do the same thing using Keyboard, in order to do the same, Press WiN Key+< or depending upon on which direction you want to snap it. You can also Press Win Key+^ to maximize the window.

2. Renaming Files


In case you are someone like me who keeps on renaming the file very often. Well, it takes Two Mouse clicks to do so, but we think that it is much time consuming when one has only 24 hours in a day. A quick shortcut to do this is to Select the File and Press F2 Key. That’s it now enter the desired name and Press Enter. Quick? No?

3. Paste without formatting


Let’s Say you are researching on some Topic and is taking reference from Multiple Websites, and you need to Copy and Paste some Texts from Websites to Word for Your Notes. you might have done this and have observed that when you paste anything that is Copied from Website, that pastes Preformatted.

Well, a Solution to do is you simply Copy as usual with Ctrl+C and then Paste it with Ctrl+Shift+V instead of Ctrl+V, this will paste the text formatted instead of Pre-formatting.

4. Lock Screen


Say you have opened a lot of Apps as you were doing a lot of tasks on your laptop and you need to go instantly. So it will take the time to Shut Down or you might not even want your task to get Closed, So what you do usually is Do is Select Lock from the taskbar.

But a Quick Keyboard Shortcut to this is Press Win Key+L which will instantly lock your Laptop.

5. Minimize all Tabs


Alright, so everyone has their Personal Life and we don’t like when someone interferes in our Personal Matters. same way say you are doing something personal and one of your Mates comes from behind and peeps into your PC,

The quickest thing you can do is to Press Win Key+D and it will minimize all the tabs and your Friend will start scratching his head think Why were you staring at Home Screen.

6. Open Taskbar Apps


So we all love dragging our Favorite Apps Shortcuts to the Taskbar to Open them more quickly. well, do you know that you can open those taskbar apps More Quickly? How?

Well, Simply Press Win Key+1 (any number depending upon the sequence of Apps). For Instance, see the Following Image and say you want to open Chrome, the simply do it by pressing Win Key+3.

7. Make your own Shortcuts


Well, Do you know that you can even create your own Keyboard Shortcuts? Seems interesting. No?

Well, if you want any file or app to get opened whenever you Press a key combination then, You simply make a Shortcut, in order to do that, Right Click on that File or App, Select make Shortcut and Place it anywhere. Now right click on the Shortcut you made and choose Properties then click on Key Shortcut and Press Your Desired Key Combination. Easy? Right?

So that’s all what we have. We hope that you found these Shortcuts Helpful. In case, you think that we missed something which you know, let us know in the Comments below.

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