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Read this post to know all about the New Super Mario For Android. Download Super Mario Apk.

Do you Remember those good OLD Mario Days?

When Everyone used to love Playing Super Mario connecting their Nintendo Console to the old CRT Monitors or T.V’s.?  Whenever we hear the name “Super Mario” a revive those old memories. It always brings a wide smile on our face. Isn’t it?

Well Nintendo, today has released Super Mario for Android. Ya. “Super Mario” for Our Android Smartphone. Excited? Even I am while writing this post :p

This is the second Android Game by the Nintendo for Android. The fist one being Mitomo. You remember the launch of iPhone 7, when the company announced Mario for iPhone Users? Well, then a lot of Android fans were annoyed. Nintendo finally worked to give them pleasure and shown their love towards android too. It’s “Better Late than Never”. Right?

nexus2cee_Screenshot_20170322-174314-217x386  nexus2cee_Screenshot_20170322-173812-217x386


The Game is not that typical Mario, tho the story line and characters seems same as it was before, but the graphics are new making the game more enjoyable to Play.

The Game includes 4 colored Yoshis as additional playable characters. The Pricing of the game is same as that of IOS Version but It’s free to try, only accessing the whole game would be required to Pay for. The Pricing is $9.99 for the whole game, although you can still play the limited game with the free version. The Game doesn’t have enough content and there is nothing like endless run, we would agree, but since it is an Initial Release, We cannot expect much. The game may get more content with time and Updates.

Super Mario APK Download

Download the Super Mario Run APK by clicking the button below.

  Super Mario APK

Install it like any apk file.

If you get any unknown source warning, go to Phone’s Setting>Security and enable Unknown Sources.

Once the app is installed, Open the game and Enjoy.


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