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Everyone has experienced a call from an unknown number at least once in their lifetime. That situation is filled with utter confusion because you do not know who is calling you. Is it a spammer? Is it a fraud company? or Is it your old friend who recently bought a new number? It can be anyone. That is where the usage of reverse phone lookup comes. And, we know for sure that SpyDialer is the best reverse phone lookup service. Spy Dialer is a free web service that allows its user to check for the name, voice main, and identity of a person, just by using their phone number.


It is available for anyone with a working internet connection. Here, in this particular article, we will try to inform about this irresistible tool that needs to be known by every living being on the earth. We will try to cover the whole concept of reverse phone lookup and will also teach you about SpyDialer.

Ready to dive deep into the topic? Let us learn what reverse phone lookup really means.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup (also called Reverse Telephone Directory) is a very simple procedure that can be used to get information about an individual using only the phone number. Let us put it in this way, whenever a company or an individual buys a new number, he/she has to associate their identity with the number. Usually, we use the name of a person in the telephone directory to get the particular phone number of a person. The method is just the opposite in the case of Reverse Phone Lookup. Here, we use a phone number to get the details of the owner associated with the number.

This technology is generally used by law enforcement agencies for surveillance purposes. Let us dig into SpyDialer.


Spy Dialer is a website which offers reverse phone lookup service to its users. It is a very effective service because they show the full name associated with the provided mobile number. The user can also get the precise geographic location of the phone number owner.  It can distinguish whether the given phone number is a mobile phone or a landline. SpyDialer is completely legal to use because the company’s data is retrieved from public telephone directories that are available to anyone.

Spy Dialer
Spy Dialer

If you do not want people to find out your information using SpyDialer, you can also remove the phone number details from the website. In addition to phone numbers, Spy Dialer also provides :

  • Reverse People Lookup
  • Reverse Address Lookup
  • Reverse Email Lookup

Here, in this section, we will discuss how to use SpyDialer to reverse lookup a phone number.

How To Use Spy Dialer

Well, the website is quite simple and elegant, but still, for your hospitality, we at Tech Insane will demonstrate how to use SpyDialer to reverse Phone Lookup a phone number. The steps are somewhat basic and every new user can learn them.

  1. Visit the official SpyDialer website to get started.
  2. Type in a number that you want to reverse lookup in the number field.
    Spy Dialer
    Spy Dialer Search
  3. Click on Search to start the searching process.
  4. The SpyDialer service will search for the telephone number in their directory and then provide you with the necessary details.

Final Words

So this was our take on SpyDialer. It is probably the best reverse phone lookup service that is available for free on the internet. Reverse Phone Lookup is a process which searches for the identity of the owner of the phone number. Apart from the reverse phone lookup, SpyDialer also provides reverse email, address, and person lookup.

Do comment in the section below what you think about SpyDialer website. We would like to hear from you if any other service is better than SpyDialer. Feel Free to comment and we would love to reply to your queries.

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