WhatsApp will No Longer Support these Smartphones by end of 2016


The Gaint of Today’s text messaging apps, WhatsApp is looking forward to provide a seamless experience to its Users.Whatsapp will be developing their app to provide some really good experience to their users. And some old smartphones with old hardware and OS’s are not able to cooperate with these kind of implementations.So by the end of 2016 WhatsApp will be discontinuing its support to some Devices.


Got a nightmare?

Well, don’t worry because the chances are that you are not using a smartphone on which WhatsApp will be discontinued.

So on Which Devices WhatsApp will be discontinued?

Well, Are you using an Android Smartphone which has Android Version 2.2 Froyo or older?

or an iPhone that still runs on iOS 6?

or an old Windows phone hasn’t been upgraded to Windows 8.1? xD

If Your Answer is yes to any of the above questions then my friend this is the best time for you to upgrade to a New Better Smartphone.Because otherwise you’ll have to say “Good Bye” to WhatsApp.

But what if you are a BlackBerry User?

BlackBerry devices, are supported until June 2017.


What Do you Guys think about this step by the Company?



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