OnePlus 3 for 18999 on Flipkart


After so many Confusions all over the Internet regarding oneplus coming to Flipkart surprisingly under 20k, we finally get a response from Flip-kart.

Yes, OnePlus 3 will be available on 18th of December 2016 on Flipkart for just 18999 ,Yes you read it right for 18999 .

Isn’t that shocking?

Well, of course it is . Even for us at Tech Insane.

Earlier when oneplus 3 was teased on flipkart for under 20k the OnePlus Co-Founder tweeted this regarding their partnership with



Carl Pei


This is the problem. For premium brands, trust is everything. We would never betray trust by dropping prices like this. 

But now Flipkart has officially announced their sale for OnePlus 3 on 18th December for 18999.

The question that arises is HOW?

Even the import list price of oneplus 3 is somewhere around 22.5k, then how can flipkart manage to sell it at a loss?

Well, it might involve something which is not being spoken yet.

Maybe, it is an exchange smartphone offer or some bank discounts or refurbished or anything else.

Well on reacting on this OnePlus 3 India Facebook Page posted this.







Well What do You think is the strategy of Flipkart here ?


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