Latest OnePlus 5 Leaks and Renders


We are back with another post this time it’s Latest OnePlus 5 Leaks and Renders. You might already know that OnePlus is going to launch their new and latest Flagship Device anytime soon. In case you don’t yet know the OnePlus is going to launch OnePlus 5 now. Don’t mess with your mind you have not traveled through a time machine it’s 2017 only. So why is that? Why OnePlus is skipping OnePlus 4? You might ask.

Well, the answer to the above question is “Number ‘4’ is considered unlucky in China.” Yea well, that might seem strange but can be the reason why OnePlus decided to skip OnePlus 5. I am sorry if you end up scratching your head after reading till now due to messing up (._.”).


So now, coming to the leaks and renders. The leaked image of the OnePlus 5 looks very identical to OnePlus 3T Midnight Black with its brushed aluminum design with curved edges. The difference though on the back is that the Antenna bands that were earlier found on Top of OnePlus 3T is missing in the OnePlus 5 and now it has a “Dual Camera” at the back which seems quite interesting. The device looks premium. The device seems to have Front FingerPrint Sensor as it is not visible on the back of the device as you can see in the leaked Image.


Coming to the Specifications of the Device, OnePlus 5 is rumored to have a 5.5-inch QHD Display which should be vibrant and have good color reproduction. Under the hood, the device is rumored to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip along with at least 6 gigs of RAM. The Company can up tor upto 256 Storage Options. On the battery side, we are expecting at least 3400 mAh battery from OnePlus this time. It would be interesting to see the Dual camera performance as there are a lot of Flagships coming with dual camera setup so it would be interesting to see how OnePlus will compete them.

That’s all the info we had for Latest OnePlus 5 Leaks and Renders. Let us know what you are expecting this time from OnePlus.

Image and Source: India Today

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