Interesting Fact : Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus are all owned by the same company

” Oppo, Oneplus, and Vivo ” the three smartphones you should have heard of if you are a tech savy.

Okay, So what do all these 3 brands in Common?

The Letter “O”?  xD

Well Yes, they are all Chinese brands that manufacture some really awesome smartphones.But do you know that they all are actually Subsidiaries of a Mega Chinese company, we are talking about the BBK Electronics a Giant of China which began with making clones of the Nintendo Entertainment System, among other things. When it comes to consumer Electronics, BBK is a decade’s old player in the game.

Oppo and Vivo are wholly owned by BBK Electronics. But for the time being there was a rumor that OnePlus is sub-brand of Oppo. However, OnePlus has revealed in an official statement that they have no plans to merge with OPPO. The company said that OPPO and OnePlus have no relationship and will not become a sub-brand of the company.


BBK is also rumored to launch a new brand named IMOO- which is targeted towards creating educational phones for children. Its expertise in manufacturing game consoles and toys ought to come in handy for this particular business venture!

With manufacturing factories spread over 10 hectares of land and more than 17,00 employees, it’s safe to say that BBK has the resources needed to tackle the management of four smartphone-making powerhouses. In addition to those, BBK also has two branches and one subsidiary on file, where its business in research, production, and sales of educational equipment – stuff like learning machines, language repeaters, electronic dictionaries, reading machines, and so forth. Of course, the Oppo brand still manufactures hi-fi and home cinema gear, for which the company is well regarded.


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