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Grab the Original Windows 10 for just ₹250


Alright, so these days we are seeing a lot of People getting Pirated Softwares and Operating Systems. We go with these Pirated things just for saving few bucks, but do you even know that saving these Few Bucks can end up in Destroying or Damaging your PC? Well, Yes using such Pirated Softwares or Operating Systems can end up in harming your PC or Laptop. Damage or Destroying doesn’t means explode or anything here. It means that you may face some issues, may get infected by Malware or Virus. So the Question that arises are Abhinav, From Where Should I get Windows 10 (Authentic) spending only a few bucks, well Tech Insane got your back.

Windows 10 for just ₹250

So, Do you want to get Windows 10 for just ₹250? Probably the Answer will be Yes, well whenever we built our own rig or buys an assembles PC. People often see compromising on the Copy on Windows, they go with Pirated Copy of Windows in order to save few bucks, well Today, you can get Original Windows 10 for just ₹250.

Price  ₹233 or $3.60 or £2.79

     Buy Here

Price ₹360 or $6.00 or £4.31 [eBay Premium Service] [Safe Seller]    Buy Here

There is no Affiliate Link of the Products above because our Motive is to Provide you Valuable Information, not earning anything from you Guys :). Yes,, because we found the Cheapest there only, Note that they are not Sponsoring this Post. Also Note that the Sellers have the Right to Fluctuate Price anytime, so if you wanna Grab it, be soon. But Abhinav, I don’t have any NetBanking or Debit/Credit Card, What should I do now? Well, you can ask your Relatives or Friends, chances are you’ll find someone who has the Debit or Credit Card. In case you are still not able to find it, then we have found an Ebay India Seller, from which you can get Original Windows 10 for 1,000. Still, even at 1,000, it is worth it. You can take a look at that by clicking the Button Below.

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   Buy Now

How will it be Delivered?

Well, the key will be delivered to you via email, so be sure to enter the working email address. With that, you can activate the Windows 10. You can enter the Key by following the Steps below-;

  • Go to Settings-Update & Security- Activation.
  • Now, Select Change Product Key.
  • Enter the Key.
  • Done!

In case you don’t already know, one key can be used in only one System if that makes any sense.It will be bound to your Motherboard. That’s it, Guys, that was our Post on Grab the Original Windows 10 for just ₹250. In case you found it helpful, feel free to share it. If you have any queries, let us know in the Comments down Below.  

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