As soon as a new eye catching feature pop-up’s on an OEMandroid device, our developers start digging it and come with by porting the app or feature for the whole android users and this has been a trend since evolution of android. This time xda senior member/developer named Androidexpert35 ported Meizu MX5 apps to all android devices.Meizu is a Chinese OEM which initially started with manufacturing MP3 players and later moved on to category. Meizu’s flyme OS is popular among the crowd which offers unique user interface above Android.

Discussing about the flyme OS, the company designed the user interface with no app drawer and it’s common among the Chinese roms, the overall look of the Flyme UI resembled MIUI and IOS.

Ported Meizu MX5 apps to all Android devices..

  • The first among the ported Meizu MX5 apps is UI, which is basically a launcher available to. As I said the User interface is much like MIUI with a little minimalistic look overall. The home screen and the split screens are arranged alphabetically but guess what the apps are not arranged according to the alphabetical order which is a strange thing.
  • Adding widgets is common as what other rom’s offers so you need to worry about it.

ported Meizu MX5 apps to all android devices,,

  • Another one among the ported Meizu MX5 apps is the camera app which you can directly install it by without indeed of flashing. The camera app doesn’t offer heavy customization but does the job well with a bunch of good packed features.
  • The camera app has panorama. Auto, manual, scan and of course you do have to wide range of access to Filters but the major drawback according to me would be the lacking of HDR mode in the app.

ported Meizu MX5 apps to all android devices

  • There’s also a Great calculator with a very beautiful design and advanced features Like Floating Calculatorand Value and a high quality sound recorder with a beautiful design among the ported Meizu MX5 apps to all Android devices.

ported Meizu MX5 apps to all android devices.

  • The above apps can be downloaded from below links and you can install it on your device directly without flashing.





  • The rest of the ported Meizu MX5 apps to all android devices can be installed only through flashing it from recovery as similar to my earlier article.

The ported Meizu MX5 apps available to install by flashing it are:

  1. A fully featured music Weather with a wonderful design!
  2. A Great Keyboard with a very fast typing, Google emoji andADVANCED features!
  3. A fully featured music player with a wonderful design!


Since they can only be installed through flashing it is advisable toBACKUP all your data before proceeding as a precaution.

I’m not responsible in case you brick your device while flashing incorrectly.

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