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Blogging, Making Money Online, Earning Money with Websites, these things are on boom these days and you should have gone through all this at some point in your online life and a good web hosting Company is always needed so here we are with Hostinko Review- Cheap and Reliable Web Hosting Company, we have a Promo, Discount code for Hostinko. Today, Everyone wants to earn Money Online by sitting Home. Well, that might seem easy but we all know it’s not that easy and quick as it seems to be. But with that, we really can’t say that Earning Money Online With Blogs is a “Very Difficult Task”. You just need Passion, Dedication with some chips and coffee to kill time. It is best and cheap wordpress hosting.

So the Question that comes to every mind is “What do we need to Start?” Well, the answer to this question is quite Simple, you just need a domain, a web host and most importantly “Dedication and Passion”. Alright so now when you have decided to start this with Patience and Passion, you will go online to search for that domain name and hosting Company which is Reliable, Trustworthy, Cheap wordpress hostingand Supportive.




Truth about Hosting Companies

Well, this is where all the problems start arising, there are a lot of Companies out there which may be reliable but are way too expensive, they are quite famous as they do a lot of advertisements but in reality, they are just your “Money Eater Monsters”. I am sorry I am using these kinds of words but this is the “Reality”. I don’t know whenever a person is searching for such companies they end up landing on Websites like Godaddy, Bluehost. I mean I am not against them in any way. But I just don’t find them appropriate for any Person, not for a “Beginner” at least. And If you are not a beginner, then you know the Reality anyways.

Why your website is promoting Hostinko? Well. I don’t know why some big websites promote Web Hosting Companies like “Bluehost”.

Well. I don’t know why some big websites promote Web Hosting Companies like “Bluehost”. There are some better companies like Hostinko, DO, Vapourhost. Let me tell you the exact truth behind this, “Bluehost” gives maximum commission. Sorry to say but maybe that’s the reason why people are always promoting it.

I just can’t really figure out why all the sites and even facebook is filled with promotion of Web Hosting Companie like “ASO”. Just because they were offering some heavy discounts on Occasions like “Black Friday”. Come on, we all know these kinds of companies provide some discounts or heavy discounts on their “Overpriced Pricing” to grab or I can say to trap more and more Customers. I can assure you that ASO is not reliable, not in terms of Support at least. So, guys, I would no recommend you to choose such websites just because of some discounts.


My Story and How I met Hostinko

” Hostinko provides much better services and Support at a very affordable price. The services are reliable and support is also very nice. thought the best thing about them is their Pricing, like you are  getting a web hosting service for a month for less than a Price of a burger. That’s just Insane. “


So let me now tell you a little bit of my story and my relations with Hostinko. So I started blogging a while back maybe 2 years or so and back then I was not having even a penny left after spending around 127 rupees on a domain back then. There I was finding a free host to host my website. That was the time I found this free hosting service, the hostinger. I still remember the very first two days I was very happy as iI was running a website for free and thought why people even pay for hosting when websites like hostinger exist. Well, after two days when there was few RT (Real Time) on my website, the website goes down and this continues every single day. So “The Experience with Hostinger was TERRIBLE”. Like down with only few RT’s. Seriously?


Then I thought that I should first get some bucks to invest in a Good hosting Company. I started doing freelancing and managed to get a plan for around 1000 for a year. The experience was still horrible, the Customer Support was not up to the mark and I was totally Screwed up.

Then I started getting calls and texts from Companies that promises you to provide top-notch services for only a few bucks. And I should tell you most of these are complete “SPAM”. So there I was struggling all around was finding a trustworthy web hosting provider which provides best services and support for a cheap price, because today most of the beginners who are stepping in the blogging career are Students and they often don’t have much money to invest.


Hostinko was not in existence back then, but now if you would ask me from my experience, I would clearly say Just Go with Hostinko, you can’t find a better option. Right now I am hosting some of my blogs on Hostinko and those are working great, I have not face any downtime till now. to be honest I still can’t even figure out how these guys m the make profit as the pricing goes beyond anyone’s Imagination.

Why Should You choose Hostinko?


You might ask, well with that being said let’s see the Pros of Using Hostinko.

Pros(ve+) of Hostinko

Uptime of 99.99%

The Uptime is guaranteed with Hostinko. I have faced no downtime till now whatsoever. The Uptime is guaranteed and Hostinko promises that your website will not be down anytime which is a great thing that other hosting provider might promise but doesn’t fulfill. Hostinko Does.


Thier Servers are stable and offer much functionality. A Stable host is more of a necessity for any website and Hostinko fulfill its task towards necessity of its customers very well.


The Pricing of Hostinko is just Outstanding. I mean you are  getting a web hosting service for a month for less than a Price of a burger. That’s just Insane. You can have a look at their Pricing chart and will say the exact same thing. The Pricing for the Services and Support they provide is totally Unbelievable.

Overview on Hostinko Hosting Plans

Here is a quick overview of the plans which Hostinko offers, but that’s not just about it, they have a special discount code “Tech-Insane10” for the readers of Tech Insane to get an extra 10% Off on Hosting Plans. 



Stores 1 Domain
1GB SSD Storage
30GB Bandwidth
1Click Installers
Free cPanel.
24/7 Support.

for ₹25.00 Monthly


Store 2 Domain.
3GB SSD Storage.
70GB Bandwith.
1Click Installers.
Free cPanel.
24/7 Support.

for ₹60.00 Monthly


Store 5 Domain.
10GB SSD Storage.
150GB Bandwith.
1Click Installers.
Free cPanel.
24/7 Support.

for ₹120.00 Monthly


Stores 10 Domain
30GB SSD Storage.
Unmetered Bandwith.
1Click Installers.
Free cPanel.
24/7 Support.

for ₹250.00 Monthly

Quick Fact about Hostinko

Ease of Signup.

Various Payment methods.

No hidden Fees and Clauses.

User-Friendly Control Panel and one-click WordPress installation.

Free SSL for everyone even on tiny plan

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