Err_Empty_Response – Fix It Forever Using These Methods

Alright, so I was enjoying a day off at my home, surfing the Internet without any stress. But, suddenly, the screen showed “Err_Empty_Response. Check your internet connection”. At first, I thought that it is my LAN cable that was a bit old, so I did exactly what it said. I checked my internet connectivity. I fixed my LAN Cable, restarted my router, and contacted my Internet Service Provider just in case there’s a blockage. But, there wasn’t any problem with my hardware. At last, I decided to put some time into the issue. I checked many article and forums and at the end, I found a fix. But, I really wanted to know What is Err Empty Response error.

So, I researched a lot regarding the issue and found these quick tips and methods to solve the issue. The thing I found was this. Err Empty Response is an error code that is used by Google Chrome to define a situation when no data is sent or received from the webserver. Most of the times it is because of hardware and software problems in a user’s system. But, some times the webserver declines the transmission of data to that particular IP address.

Are you facing the same issue while browsing your favorite website on the web? Or do you just want to know what this problem is just for the sake of knowledge? Whatever the reason be, I will provide you with complete details. Here, in this article, we will rip off every bit of the topic. We will learn What is Err_Empty_Response, What causes Err Empty Response, and how can we fix Err_Empty_Response.

Are you ready to dive deep into the topic? Let’s Go!

What Is Err_Empty_Response?

As discussed above, Err Empty Response is an error code that is used by Google Chrome to define a situation when no data is sent or received from the webserver. Most of the times it is because of hardware and software problems in a user’s system. But, some times the webserver declines the transmission of data to that particular IP address.

err empty response

Err Empty Response can be a bit overwhelming for those users who are short on time and need any work completed. The problem is not fatal and can be fixed easily without any issues. However, before solving the problem, we will learn why and when it is caused. You can skip to any section in the post using the Table of Contents provided above.

Err_Empty_Response Types

Err_Empty_Response is not just one error, but there is a whole connection of multiple issues inside it. We will discuss them one by one.

  1. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE – no data received – The First and foremost is the No data received. This one is the primary error because the majority of the users have faced this issue. The error means that the web-server did not send any data to the user’s machine. In this issue, the web-server connects with the user’s machine but does not send any data in return.
  2. Error 324: Err Empty Response – The server closed the connection – This error is the second most found issue in the Google Chrome browser. This happens when the web-server refuses to even connect with the user’s machine.

These were the two most found errors notices in Google Chrome Browser. They are different issues but the root cause of them is the same. The Err_Empty_Response is the parent error code and these two are the child error codes.

Now, we will see what is the foundation of these errors. The below section demonstrates what causes the Err Empty Response Error in Google Chrome Browser.

What Causes Err Empty Response?

This error can be caused by many problems including defects in the hardware, coding problem in the software, or even network errors in the website’s web-servers. I did my study and found the following reasons for the birth of Err_Empty_Response error in Google Chrome.

  1. Browser Caches and Cookies – This error can be caused by corrupted or expired browser caches or cookies. Cookies are the small data bits that are sent by the server to the client’s machine. This can happen if the server sent wrong or harmed cookies to the user’s computer.
  2. Sites With No SSL – The Err_Empty_Response error can be caused due to the lack of SSL service on a website. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer makes sure that the data sent by the webserver to the client machine is safe to use. The reason may be that the browser is denying the connection because of the lack of SSL. For example, HTTPS is secured and has SSL enabled, while HTTP may be insecure and does not has SSL enabled.
  3. Outdated Web Browsers – Lack of updates in a web browser can cause the connection to be broken. I personally recommend keeping your software updated as they gift your more security and control.
  4. Malicious AddOns – The error can be caused by any harmful malicious extension or plugin installed on your web browser.
  5. Antivirus – Some antivirus provide web security and block the sites that they think are harmful. Hopefully, you can whitelist those certain websites to access them easily.
  6. Virus Infection – Certain types of viruses and worms on your system can cause the web browser to refuse connection with any of the websites on the web.

These were the various situations that may cause such types of error. However, your case may or may not be one of them, but, the issue can be fixed using the methods given below for sure.

How To Fix Err Empty Response?

If you are facing the same error while browsing through your web browser, we have a collection of all the possible fixes that can come in handy for you. I summed up all the solutions on the internet that I could find for myself. These methods worked for me and I am pretty confident that they will work for you as well. Make sure to follow all the steps carefully to prevent breakages in your system.

Below, we have the step by step guide for each of the solution that can help you to fix the Err_Empty_Response error code in Google Chrome.

Solution 1 –  Check Your Internet Connectivity

The first and the most obvious solution that you can head over to is by checking for your Internet connection. The Internet connection can be affected due to some hardware or software problems. This solution must be used if you cannot access any website with your web browser. If you have access to other websites, you are welcome to skip this one. Some of them are listed below for ease :

  1. Faulty or Loose Wiring – Check your wiring for faulty or damaged wires.  Loose wires can also cause breakage in the internet connection. Also, make sure to remove and replug your LAN cable if you are using a wired connection.
    Err Empty Response
  2. Faulty Wireless adapter – A Wireless adapter is used to catch and manage the wireless data signals emitted by your router. In case of faulty adaptors, the signals can not be properly accessed. Replace your current adapter with the latest one.
  3. Lack of Drivers – If you are using a wireless adapter which is not working, the first thing that you can is checking your system for the wireless drivers. Absence of wireless drivers in a system can cause major havoc in the users’ mind. Download the latest drivers from the product’s official website.

Solution 2 – Use A VPN

If you are unsure if it is your network connection that is causing problems, you can follow this solution to see if the website works for other IP addresses or not. Use a premium VPN service such as Betternet, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or VyprVPN. Connect to any other country and try accessing the website from that IP.

err empty response

If it does not work, then congratulations, you do not have any error in the first place. The problem is with the web site’s server that it is denying requests from every IP address. If it works, then follow other solutions to fix the problem.

Solution 3 -Reset Your Network Settings

The second most preferable solution to fix Err Empty Response error code is by trying to reset your machine’s network settings. The resetting procedure involves various commands and methods that need to be manually entered in the shell by the user. The below-provided procedure flushes the machine’s bad DNS if any, resets Winsock, and resets the TCP/IP settings.

All you need to do is follow the given steps carefully.

  1. Click on the Start Menu icon located on the bottom-left of your computer screen.
  2. Search for Command Prompt in the search bar.
  3. Right-Click on the Command Prompt icon and select Run As Administrator.
  4. Enter the following commands one by one into the shell.
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset

Reboot your machine and restart Google Chrome. Your error must be long gone by now. You can also use various tools and services that can do the same fixes in just a click. But, I am suggesting you to manually fix it as it is not a big issue. Downloading and installing the application will require an internet connection and time as well.

If this solution did not work for you, do not worry, we have got plenty more. Just scroll down and implement the remaining ones.

Solution 4 – Use Incognito Mode

Another method that you can try to check if the malicious cookies and caches are causing the problem. To do this, just fire up your browser and open a new incognito window. Try to browse the particular website using incognito mode.

Err Empty Response

If the website loads, then you should follow the Solution 5 – Clear Browsing Data. If it does not, then skip the Solution and go directly to Solution 6 – Disable Extensions.

Solution 5 – Clear Browsing Data

Another solution is to try and clear the browsing data that your browser has saved locally on your disk. This is important because the error can be caused due to corrupt cache and cookies. Clearing browsing data can remove all of these damaged caches and help fix your problem.

  1. Open Google Chrome and press Ctrl + Shift + Del.
  2. A new Clear Browsing Data window will open that will ask you for selecting some checkboxes.
  3. Select “The Beginning Of Time” as the time period.
    Err Empty Response
  4. I personally recommend you to check all the boxes and clear whole data.
  5. This step can take some time depending on the size of the data on your system.

Restart your browser can check to see if the error is gone or not. If it is still there, do not lose hope and try the next solution as soon as possible.

Solution 6 – Disable Extensions

As mentioned above, the problem can be caused because of some malicious extensions or plugins that are installed in your browser. The problem can be fixed just by disabling or removing the extensions from your browser. To do so, follow the below-given guide.

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Click on the three dots icon that is located on the top-right section of the browser’s toolbar.
  3. Select More Tools, then Extensions.
  4. Disable the extensions that you think are causing the problems. I recommend disabling all of them just in case your hunches go wrong.
  5. Restart your browser and check if the problem still exists.

Solution 7 – Clear Chrome Host Cache

If you want to clear your web browser’s host cache, then you have to follow the following steps very carefully.

  1. Fire up Google Chrome.
  2. Open a new incognito window and type the following address.
  3. You will see an option named “Clear host cache”. Just click on that and you are done.

Solution 8 – Disable Your Anti Virus

Some Antivirus software provides web safety and it does not let you continue to a web site that it thinks is, malicious. The fix that you can try is to disable your anti-virus program for some time and then browse the website again. If it works, then you have to white list the website in your antivirus software. If it does not, feel free to try another solution. This solution has chances that it will fix the Err_Empty_Response error.

Solution 9 – Clear Temporary Files

This solution works for many people as they stated that it helped them in solving the Err Empty Response error on Google Chrome Browser. Temporary files are stored while the usage of any program or process. The system does not delete them and they just lay down in the temp folder like wood. It is recommended that you clean your temporary files on a regular basis. It would free up some space and you will definitely see a boost in performance. To do so, follow the given steps.

  1. Press Windows + R to open the Run command dialog box. Search for Temp and press Enter.
  2. You will be presented with a folder. Just select all the files using Ctrl + A.
  3. Press Shift + Del on your keyboard to permanently delete all the temporary files.
  4. Restart your machine and check if the problem still exists.

Note: You can also search for %temp% in the Start Menu Search Bar instead of Step 1.

Solution 10 – Change DNS To Google DNS

If you are still facing the Err_Empty_Response error after trying all of the above methods, the last solution that you can try is to change the machine’s DNS to Google DNS. This will surely fix Err Empty Response error in Google Chrome. To change the DNS, follow the below-given steps carefully.

  1. Right-click the Start menu located on the bottom-left of your screen.
  2. Select Network Connections.
  3. Select the Ethernet options and click on Change Adapter Options.
  4. Right-click on your interface and select Properties.
  5. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) and click on Properties.
  6. Uncheck Obtain an IP Address Automatically and check to Use the following DNS server Addresses.
    Err Empty response
    Err Empty Response
  7. Enter as the “Preferred DNS server” and as the “Alternate DNS server”. Click “OK” to save changes.
  8. Restart your computer and see if the “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE” error is fixed.

This was the last method that can come in handy while fixing Err_Empty_Response error in Google Chrome browser.

Final Words

So, that was our take on Err Empty Response Error fix. We demonstrated 10 different that can be used to fix Err_Empty_Response on Google Chrome. Do not forget to inform us about any other method that can be used to fix this issues and if you cannot figure out how to fix it, we would be delighted to help you out personally. Feel free to comments any queries related to Err_Empty_Response. We would love to reply to you all.

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