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Samsung has a lot riding on its 2015 flagship, and this time it’s put its best foot forward. With its super-fast, homebrew processor, a pair of great cameras and a surprisingly clean version of TouchWiz, the S6 is the finest Galaxy Samsung has ever made. Now, if only it were waterproof.

The app launcher itself is a little less attractive, at least at first. By default, Samsung has arranged all of its apps (including Microsoft pack-ins like OneNote and OneDrive) and everything else you install gets tacked on the end of the list in the order you downloaded it. Thankfully, there’s an “A-Z” button in the corner to whip things into more manageable shape. Also, you can resize the app grid on your home screen to accommodate up to 20 shortcuts, not including widgets

Samsung Galaxy S6

We have explored all the app of Samsung Galaxy S6. You can now download these app for your Android devices. These app are Compatible with Lollipop Touchwiz only. Download the following Galaxy S6 App from our collection here :

Download Galaxy S6 Launcher :

Unpack and put all in system/priv-app/TouchwizHome (or TouchwizHome_K) and set correct permissions for apk and folders. Delete old apk plus arm folder if you’re on stock odex rom.
Download : Galaxy S6 Launcher

– statusbar is black on most of devices and rom.
– theme section crash even if I have theme apks from S6
– Widget section might crash

Download Galaxy S6 AccuWeather Widget :

  • Download here : S6 AccuWeather
  • Unpack and put in Accuweather and Weather Daemon folders. Delete old apks.
  • Set correct permissions and remove the widget from the home if you have it.
  • Delete weather daemon and Accuweather cache and data otherwhise widget FC!
  • Enjoy S6 Accu widget !
  • Flash this S6 FONTS to fix wrong dimension of 4×1 widget

GalaxyS6 Music Player (Update 28/03/15) :

Unpack and put in priv-app/SamsungMusic_20, delete all previous files, set correct permissions and reboot. Clear cache and data of music app.

– Auto turn off function doesn’t work
– Sound Alive shouldn’t work on S4 and N3

Galaxy S6 Keyboard :

Extract and put apk in system/app/SamsungIME and lib in system/lib both with correct permissions.

Download : Galaxy S6 Keyboard

Galaxy S6 Smart Manager :

Unpack and put the 2 folder in system/priv-app. Set correct permissions for folders and files then reboot.

Galaxy S6 S Health :

  • Download Galaxy S6 Health
  • Clear Data and Cache of Health Service and S Health (If you don’t make this you can give FC)
  • Delete the old apps in priv-app and paste the new apps
  • Set the correct permissions and reboot
  • Enjoy !
Note: You can install like normal update of the app

Galaxy S6 WallpaperPicker :

Unpack and put the apk in system/priv-app/SecWallpaperPicker (or WallpaperPicker) and set correct permissions. Delete old one and reboot.

Galaxy S6 Gallery :

Go to /system/priv-app and delete the old gallery SecGallery2014
Copy the new gallery and give the correct permissions
Download : Galaxy S6 Gallery

– Screen Rotation not work
– FC when you try to set a wallpaper

Galaxy S6 Browser :

Download : Galaxy S6 Browser
  • Delete the old Browser in /system/app
  • Copy the folder and give the correct permissions

Galaxy S6 My Files :

Put in system/priv-app/SecMyFiles (or SecNoteMyFiles) and set correct permissions. Delete old apk plus arm folder if you’re on stock odex rom.
Download : Galaxy S6 My Files

Galaxy S6 Galaxy Apps :

This is the normal APK. Simply install it on your device.

Galaxy S6 Wallpapers :

All the Official HD Wallpapers of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge ! Just download and Save it to your Mobile.

Galaxy S6 Calculator :

Download and put in system/app/SecCalculator and delete the old apk. Then set correct permissions and reboot.

Galaxy S6 Snapbiz Card :

This app allow you to store a business card simply by taking a photo of it.

Galaxy S6 S Translator :

Galaxy S6 S Note :

Unpack the zip and install all 3 apks as a normal apk.

-Photo Note is crashing after you make a photo.

Galaxy S6 Optical Reader :

Download and install like a normal apk.

Galaxy S6 GeoNews :

Download and install like a normal apk.

Galaxy S6 Gear Manager :

Download and install like a normal apk.

Galaxy S6 Gear Fit :

Unpack and install both apks.

Galaxy S6 Smart Remote :

Download and install like a normal apk.

Galaxy S6 Smart Switch :

Download and install like a normal apk.

Galaxy S6 Kids Mode :

Download and install like a normal apk.

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