How to Enable Android O Like Notification Dots on Any Android Device


Alright, so it’s finally happening, Android 8.0 Oreo is around the Corner, Google has already released their Android O Preview for their Nexus Series, in case you don’t already know. Well, Google is bringing a Lot more Features and Functionality in their New Android 8.0 Oreo. One of the Features that got my Attention is the Notification Dot Feature. What is that Feature, you Might ask, Well, it is somewhat similar to iOS Notifications. Instead of Notification Counts, the app icon will now have a dot at the top right and if you’ll Long Press the App Icon, it will Show you Notifications. Cool, No?

Well, if you are someone like me who found this Feature Exciting and cannot wait to get Android 8.0 Oreo because your Smartphone Vendor is lazy as a snail and you want to have this Feature on their Smartphone Right Now. Well, Tech Insane got your Back. Here is the Guide to Enable Android O Like Notification Dots on Any Android Device.

How to Enable Android O Like Notification Dots on Any Android Device

Well, if you want to Get this feature, which I should say is Pretty Cool on your Smartphone, then simply follow all the Steps Mentioned Below Carefully-:

1. Install Nova Launcher Prime

You might have heard of this, haven’t you? Chances are you have. You need to Download this Application from Play Store. You need to be a beta tester of the App, in case you don’t know how to do that or don’t wanna do it. No Worries Simply Download the Nova Launcher Beta App from the Button Below.

   Nova Launcher Beta APK

Now, when you have successfully Downloaded the APK, install it on your Android Device and Move to the Next Step.

2. Enabling Notification Dot

So Now, when you have Successfully Installed the Nova Launcher Prime, Open it.


Now go to Nova Settings and Scroll down, you’ll find an Option for Notification Badges. Tap on it and Select the Dots Option from the List. It will enable the Notifications Dot on your Android Smartphone.

Nova Launcher also lets you to Customize the position and the size of the dot if you want you can make the Dots Larger and even choose the Position of the Dots (can set it as any Corner).


Unfortunately, you cannot long tap on the Icon to see the Notifications as of Now, but we are sure that with the Next Update, we will be having this Feature as well.

So that’s it, Guys, it was our take on How to Enable Android O Like Notification Dots on Any Android Device. We hope that you found this Helpful, in case you did feel free to share it with your friends. In case you have any doubts or Questions, leave them in the Comments Down below.

 Image Credits: Beebom

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