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It hasn’t been long that Google Pixel has been unveiled, but we already have hands on the many new goodies that come with the new Google Pixel device! We were able to extract as many APKs as we could, and have pinned them down here. So, in this post, you will be able to sideload the new Google Pixel Apps onto your non-pixel device!

Note that all the following APKs will only work perfectly on devices running Android Nougat, and might also work on devices running Android Marshmallow. However, nothing can be said for devices running Lollipop and below.

The new leaked Google Pixel Apps include the new official Google Pixel Launcher, the new camera, the new and updated Google Keyboard, a new dialer and much more. The new ones include an official source for the Google Pixel Launcher, and the wallpaper picker that you may install. This wallpaper picker also provides you with Pixel’s new wallpapers, as well as Google’s updated categories of beautiful wallpapers.

A new Google Keyboard update was also found in the many list of APKs.

Google Pixel Apps
Courtesy of KickedFace

Enough about talking, now, let’s begin installing them. Note that many of the APK files might not even get installed, since they are not meant for your device. However, it is worth giving them a try. Following are all the list of APKs with their download links that we were able to get our hands on.

Google Pixel Apps [Download]



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